About Teddy & Freddy

It started with Teddy & Freddy

As an Australian mum based in Austria I struggled to find quality, fashionable and functionable clothes for my two boys. When shopping for my babies I could only find products with snap buttons, designs that were gender specific and less than ideal quality.
Who said blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Teddy & Freddy Designs create beautifully simple loungewear', with neutral colours and uni-sex patterns that are affordable and high quality.
Based in Upper Austria, specifically Salzkammergut, Teddy & Freddy Designs prides itself on creating beautifully simple baby clothes that are functionable for all climates and super comfortable for your little roo. Our fabric  is hand picked to ensure your baby is comfortable, suitable for all climates and will outlast any little accidents that happen along the way. 
We say good bye to annoying snap buttons with our double zipper feature - your baby will stay warm during quick changes. Simply only open half the loungesuit from the bottom zipper to do a quick diaper change. No longer will you have to pull the loungesuit over your baby's head, our designs slips right on and off - perfect for quick clean ups. Teddy & Freddy Designs feature built in socks and mittens for newborns to make sure their little hands and feet are always warm. Losing socks during the night is a thing of the past with our one piece design.
Our fabric is made from 95% cotton for comfort and 5% spandex to ensure our clothes have a little stretch as your baby grows. Our colours, design and suit shape will withstand multiple washes to ensure your next little roo can enjoy a Teddy & Freddy loungesuit. 
Simply made for little feet with big dreams!